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Do y’all actually ever keeps /platonic/ parasocial ideas to own an idol?

Do y’all actually ever keeps /platonic/ parasocial ideas to own an idol?

Now i need your within my fantasy dull rotation (together with Jackson Wang, Jessi and Wooyoung’s individual mom, comedy ass Jung Eunkyung).

Wooyoung’s the type of guy you to definitely while you are becoming a keen idol, is dabble reddit also simply a guy. It’s very an easy task to consider him certainly obliterating your within the an effective roast tutorial otherwise snatching your own cellular phone and you can messaging your own break straight back to you personally as the you will be too afraid only for you to receive furious at the him 5s later as he texted anything from wallet. I know, 1000%, he would be the best pal you to definitely hangs away with your mother nearly normally as he hangs away to you and you can enjoys with the girl on the the newest gossip.

Admirers that happen to be very linked to the idea of treating their idol right, being their material, its as well as their partner

It is not for example In my opinion about “idols I’d telephone call if i had a need to cover up a body” commonly, however when I really do Wooyoung try who comes to mind.

Constantly, i mention parasocial matchmaking on close experience

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I think it will be fun is NCT Haechan’s buddy. I favor tormenting my pals when you’re annoying. I will explore someone in crime.

I consent. Becoming Haechan’s pal looks so great. They are comedy, charismatic, outbound, goofy, playful and incredibly kindhearted! Joking up to with your appears to be it would be so enjoyable??

I know NCT Doyoung keeps wonderful moms and dads and you may a sensational old brother. I recently planned to getting his larger aunt or a youngish auntie ????

oh seriously! i can yell and gush how glamorous the complete txt is actually, however, frankly i’m primarily talking of a beneficial “closest friend one to hypes their very best friend’s appeal” type of way. oh is during the tubatu interior community buddy group. that’s the real delulu fantasy immediately

This!! Such sure these are typically Really adorable and gorgeous it is like its my besties and you may little brothers at the same time!!

all of txt tbh. an educated Friend vibes are incredibly solid particularly they really simply feel just like 5 men which i discover up to my personal university that from time to time sing. instance wdym it arent people regarding my hometown however, greatest idols?? /s

i do believe their the brand new vlives. there is something very safe and homey(?) about the subject. it fr feels like i’m towards face date which have friends and you can was goofing from and you can teasing both and you can speaking of this new extremely haphazard some thing. however they feel close friends which i is open so you’re able to and they know exactly what things to tell morale u ??

I have obviously mellowed in terms of my personal mental connection on the him, but We noticed it emotional experience of jungkook while i is young. he had been the original idol We have encountered who was simply the same years because me, and we each other provides apparently equivalent temperaments and you can characters (minus his love for regular activities and dealing aside. I’m literally the exact opposite of these lmao). and because of this, We achieved it strange psychological contact with your. even throughout bts’ early ages, to what I’ve seen of your, when he wasn’t as the pretty sure and you can clear on himself when he has grown to become, I’ve usually noticed a soft location for him.

for me, how i seen jungkook, it actually was needless to say a mix of wanting to resemble your (although I am cis people) and you can viewing your as the male youthfulness friend We never had.

We examined in a nearly all-lady college or university broadening up, thus i did not have much communications which have males, and so i barely had one male friends. therefore i guess, We saw jungkook given that male best friend We never really had growing right up. and i also however lowkey variety of create discover him given that an idol I can was basically nearest and dearest with in an option world, or perhaps somebody We rather got together well that have, not as much, to end projecting a notion I’ve away from your to your, once you know why lol

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