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Perhaps along with in the “fig” an allusion on the fig-leaf within the pussy in the Dated Master designs from Adam and Eve

Perhaps along with in the “fig” an allusion on the fig-leaf within the pussy in the Dated Master designs from Adam and Eve

-16: Like people whom turned out . . . you to definitely Sig . . . was at the process of becoming dreamed from given that an excellent “papa Fig” : MOTIF: dream .

Yards. Kachurin”), he produces off coming back “k charuyushchemu ‘chaparalyu’ / iz Vsadnika bez Golovy” (“or perhaps to what is actually enchantingly entitled ‘chaparral’ / throughout the Headless Horseman ,” ll

-12: proved by the specific twitchings of your own eyelids and other partial-private pieces according to the control over scientific students : Rapid Eyes Motions out-of resting subjects is actually monitored by the psychologists once the a sign of a certain stage of bed (imagine, during the time Nabokov are composing Ada, getting only an indicator of your thinking phases out of bed). Individual pieces are also tracked because of the psychiatrists exploring, for instance, the ability regarding lucid dreamers in order to result in genuine climax from inside the willed sexual sleep.

-15: undergoing getting dreamt out-of while the an effective “papa Fig,” spanker out of woman bottoms and you may spunky spittoon-affiliate : “dad shape,” alluding for the centrality of one’s Oedipus cutting-edge from inside the Freudian theory; pertains and transference within the Freudian psychoanalysis (the brand new patient’s going emotions into the a pops on the counselor) and displacement during the Freudian dream theory (“spanker from woman soles and you can spunky spittoon-member,” as well as conjuring up a good stereotypical patriarchal dad, including means “spunk” on slang feeling of “sperm”).

-21: picnics . . . black colored bolero . . . pinewood : Ada wears another black colored “Spanish” costume outfit, an effective “lolita” (a big skirt) toward other picnic when you look at the a good pinewood, on her behalf twelfth birthday: find -several, . MOTIF: pine .

: reddish trousers and you can a black colored bolero : Van’s past look out-of Ada at Ardis is actually away from the woman using “red-colored slacks and you can a black bolero,” . That disaster inside the “mother’s” life ergo generally seems to prefigure various other when you look at the Van’s own. But Lucette in addition to has on “black trousers and a lemon clothing” (-26) in advance of moving to the lady demise. MOTIF: black-red-colored .

-22: strolled thanks to a tiny pinewood . . . discover the right gulch regarding chaparral : Cf. -29: “Aqua got walked through a solid wood and you may with the a gulch so you can do so just last year”; -11: “much less far from the small gulch in which Aqua passed away and you may towards the that i myself feel coming particular time.” Inside the Nabokov’s 1947 poem “K Kn. S.Yards. Kachurinu” (“To Prince S. 79-80). In his autobiography the guy recalls brand new games he and his cousin Yurik (Yuri Rausch von Traubenberg) might have during the replica of your Insane Western activities about Headless Horseman (1866) from the Mayne Reid (1818-1883): “Fatigued from the all of our escapades on the chaparral, . . . ” ( SM 203).

-30: She beamed, dreamingly experiencing the think (rather ‘Kareninian’ inside tone) you to the woman extinction create affect someone regarding the because significantly due to the fact . . . : Anna, about hours prior to this lady committing suicide, succumbs so you can a good torrent out-of depressing thoughts (Region seven Sections twenty-eight-31). Nabokov instance respected it sequence because the earliest suffered passing inside the a flow-of-understanding layout.

-02: a beneficial fetus-in-utero updates, a comment you to looked highly relevant to his college students, as it might feel to help you exploit : A great sardonic touch upon the rise in popularity of the newest fetal standing within the mental and you will anthroplogical symbolization, an expectation regarding Van’s denunciation regarding symbolization in the lectures because an effective psychologist (-), and you can an echo of your importance to Aqua’s report on her memory of fetus () having exactly who Van are substituted. Cf. also: : “fetus-sized plastic toy.”

Sour, he tears themselves out of Ada for the an almost-self-destructive aura (-)

-05: brand new sanest individual on this or you to definitely earth : on this earth (labeled as Demonia in addition to Antiterra, , and you can and therefore linked with Dementius, allowed to be various other version of Demon, cuatro.22-23) or you to definitely earth, Terra, experienced within the mainly from the nuts cuddli nedir and/or unstable.

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